Meanwhile in Asgard…

"You’re my little Nancy."

"I’m all grown up now.”


Fake Movie Meme: Hunted

natalie dormer & dane dehaan as twin vampires
sebastian stan & tatiana maslany as twin werewolves
lupita nyong’o & anthony mackie as twin hunters


The moment that I knew I was going to love this show.

The Strain 1.1


Beasts and Monsters by Banished-shadow


Beasts and Monsters by Banished-shadow

I was born at the dawn of a sacred cycle, when the morning star aligned with the sun.The high priest believed I had a special connection to the gods.They brought me jewels and flowers at first, but then they said the lords of the night had sacrificed themselves to make the earth,so it was only fitting that they sacrifice their own.I couldn’t let them kill innocent people in my name,so I ran.Their priests hunted me, and the lords decided that if I refused to spill human blood for them then they would give me an insatiable need for it.A hunger so deep that I wouldn’t be able to live without it.The hunger drew me back to this place where I would be forever enslaved.That was a cruel and ugly thing to do to an innocent girl.


The 10 grossest moments from The Strain's debut captured in 7 GIFs. 




I apologize to all of you for getting your hopes up about Danny in this season. I thought all the sources I had pointed to it being obvious, but I was wrong. At a con today, as a lot of people have probably found out by now, Holland apparently announced he wouldn’t be appearing in this season, because Jeff didn’t see any reason for him to be there. I don’t know why, but what he tweeted earlier speaks volumes. I know you guys are saddened by this, and mad, furious even. I am too. But, I ask of you, as someone who respects Keahu’s decisions and only wants the best for him in life, to respect him and only tweet him positive things. Don’t ask him why, or how, or if it’s true, or anything like that. It’s rude. Just tweet him positivity, like I said, or don’t tweet him at all. Thank you, guys. I hope you’re all as excited as I am to see him do great things.

You know, I saw something awhile back where WOC actresses were talking about how when another WOC was hired onto their show their first thought was they themselves were going to be written off. Because there’s only room for one sassy black girlfriend or nerdy Asian sidekick, amirite?

I wish I could say I was surprised about this, but I’m not. I figured this was coming as soon as they started making their big season 4 casting announcements and one of the new guys was described as basically “the gay dude.” Why would they need to keep Danny when they’ve got an exciting NEW gay character? You only need one, right? He’s got a new guy! And his character’s gay AND black! It’s a tokenism double-word score!

Don’t know what to do with Danny (idek maybe give him a storyline I know I’m talkin crazy) but we’ve got plenty of room for lots of young white dudes who look basically like every other young white dude on television, on THIS SHOW specifically. UGH.

Did you suggest giving the token gay guy a storyline?

Are you insane? We can’t do that because of… reasons…

But, seriously, as soon as we heard about Jackson 2.0 and Danny 2.0 being cast I was fairly certain original Danny would soon be saying adios.

Apparently, though, he didn’t even get to say adios. Danny’s just… not there anymore.